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After having a great time at CusNL's new year's party, we had some time to create a web page for us. After tumblr removed sexual content, we needed a new place for our perversions. From now on we will publish new pictures, videos and stories on this site. Enjoy and tell us, if you have fun with the stuff you see here!

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and our new Twitter as well, so you will always get informed about new stuff!

One thought on “New website online

  1. Hi
    I saw your site with interest and your photos. I always follow you on xtube
    I am not a fetish lover I have the same passions as you mz here in Italy they do not look favorably on you even in the gay world … in Germany it is another thing you thirst more open mentally.
    of course I would very much like to come and see you and meet in a rubber suit and gas mask ..
    I ask you to help me if possible
    i am looking for a trellchem ​​chemical suit like yours..where can i find it? can you help me?
    a workmaster drager would also do
    thank you so much
    a hug

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