General info

If you have arrived at this page, you probably already understand that we are a gay fetish couple into various fetishes. We live and work in Aachen, Germany. On this page, we will explain a bit more about what we are looking for.

In general, we are always open to new friendships where we sometimes meet up, sexual as well as non-sexual. This especially applies if you live within a reasonable travel distance from us, or happen to be near us regularly.

We also want to you to know, that while this website may look professional, we are also open to meet people who are just curious or otherwise inexperienced regarding gear. Just contact us and be open about what you want. We speak English and German.

Last months, we are increasingly getting interested in acting out breaking/kidnapping scenarios. If you are interested in being the submissive side, contact us.

We usually prefer to meet people together (partly for practical reasons since we live together), but this is not a strict requirement.

On the other hand, what we are not looking for are online-only chats, where we never physically meet. This does not mean that you shouldn't message us. A good question about something is always OK. We just aren't looking for Skype sessions or endless chats without goal or content.

We are not so much into instant sex right after exchanging a few short messages. Not that it can't happen occasionally, just don't expect it, since we like to get to know people a bit first.

We are also open to doing videos or fulfill your hidden desires on request. If this is of interest, contact us to discuss details.