Gear I like

  • Wetsuits Smooth triathlon suits as well as cool watersports suits
  • Motocross Love bright colours on jerseys and the protective gear
  • Military gear Uniforms and other gear
  • Gas masks Mainly military gas masks
  • Lycra What is hornier than watching a lycra-clad ass of a cyclist?
  • Sports gear I like most sports gear, for example ice hockey protectors
  • Motorcycle Especially Dainese leathers
  • Boots Primarily MX and combat boots
  • Latex Tight latex suits
  • Rubber Rubber things in general: diving gear (drysuits), rubber gloves

Other things I like

  • When people actually have profile info on dating sites
  • Light breath play
  • Bondage Limited experience so far, but a growing interest
  • Making photos and videos A hobby of mine (but absolutely NOT a must for visitors!)

Other Interest

  • Electronic circuit design and and construction
  • Cocktails making and drinking them
  • Concerts
  • Walking in nature works well in uniform
  • Photography not only gear-related


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